Myths About Tampons: How To Use Tampons And It’s Advantages



Most girls find sanitary napkins more comfortable to use and may not even think about using other available sanitary products. Sanitary napkins or pads are readily available, but they also have some drawbacks. Due to continuous friction or rubbing, burning of the outer skin of the vagina, redness and itching with rashes, etc., occur. In today’s modern era it is now an old thing to use pads. Now tampons are in practice to absorb menstrual blood. Most modern women now use tampons, giving them considerable relief. So, see below how to use tampons below…

Periods are a very important part of every girl’s life. But this part of life brings many kinds of problems. Severe pain during periods, body cramps. So on the other hand, fear of wetting and stains in clothes. Many times the troubles of the period snatch away the nights of the girls. Another way to deal with your menstruation is tampons.



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What Is A Tampon?

Tampons are something that acts like a pad in women’s menstruation. It is inserted inside the vagina to absorb the blood coming out of the vagina during menstruation. The tampon is like a cylinder or syringe in shape that can be inserted and removed very easily into the vagina. Tampons are made from cotton, rayon, or both. It absorbs vaginal blood completely during the period. Tampons are available in different sizes at markets and drug stores. 

Types Of Tampon:

The absorption capacity of tampons of different sizes also varies. Therefore, it should be bought only after careful examination. Here we are telling you about some types of tampons. how to use tampons

Light Tampons:

Light tampons are considered good for newcomers because they are easy to insert into the vagina and soak up blood well. how to use tampons below

Regular Tampons:

Regular tampons have the ability to absorb blood more often and for longer periods than lite tampons. But when there is less blood in the period or the period is about to end, it is not wise to use it. how to use tampons below

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Super Tampons:

Women usually bleed more on the first and second day of menstruation. Super tampons are used to absorb more blood and more blood flow from the first and second days. how to use tampons below

Super Plus Tampon:

If you are bleeding too much and you are afraid that it might not get in your jeans, then to avoid this fear Super plus tampons are used. It does not allow blood to leak from anywhere and you feel safe. how to use tampons below

If you choose a good tampon before the use of tampons, you will get better results and it soaks up the whole blood easily. It needs to be changed within eight hours. how to use tampons below

How to use tampons

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How To Use Tampons Properly Step By Step:

Applying tampons properly in the vagina is very important because if it is not inserted in the vagina properly, it can also cause a wound in the vagina. Here we are telling you how to insert the tampon properly into the vagina. how to use tampons below

Step 1:

First, clean your hands thoroughly with soap. Remove the tampon from the box by wiping the hand with a clean towel. If the tampon falls to the ground, throw it away and take out another tampon. how to use tampons below

Step 2:

If you feel comfortable sitting, then sit down, or if you want to stand and stand. Some women place tampons on a toilet sheet with one foot down or one foot above the tub and the other foot down. Well, you get into the position that you like. After this, hold the tampon with your fingers. Now hold the small and thin section of the tampon in the middle and insert it into the vagina. Keep in mind that the string of the tampon should be visible from outside and it should not even hit your body. how to use tampons below

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Step 3:

Remove the folds of the vaginal skin with your other hand and place the tampon at the vagina entrance. how to use tampons below

Step 4:

Now get the tampon inside the vagina opening very comfortably and leave it when your fingers touch the body, only the outer tube will remain outside.

Step 5:

When the tampon enters the vagina, push it with a finger on the part of the outer tube where the string is visible. This allows the tampon to move properly inside the vagina.

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Step 6:

When the inner tube enters the vagina, remove the outer tube with the help of the thumb and middle finger. But note that the string will remain hanging at the entrance to the vagina. Later, when you need to remove the tampon, hold the string and pull it down comfortably, the tampon will leave easily.

Step 7:

Clean your hands thoroughly before applying the tampon and after removing the tampon from the vagina. how to use tampons below

how to use tampons


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Advantages Of Tampons:

In fact, tampons act as sanitary pads, but the difference is that tampons have to enter inside the vagina. This work is done by the pad itself but it is not put out like a sanitary pad. Tampons have many advantages over other sanitary pads.

  • The tampon absorbs blood inside the vagina, so there is no fear of bleeding in the clothes.
  • One advantage of using Tampon is that by applying it like a pad it does not wet the panty with blood, which eliminates a major problem.
  • In the case of excess blood, there is no worry about changing it like a pad repeatedly because it has the ability to absorb excess blood easily.
  • The tampon does not feel as heavy as a pad, nor does it move much in the up and down position, so you will feel relieved after applying the tampon.

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Disadvantages Of Tampons:

As beneficial as the use of Tampon is, it is also likely to cause harm. Let us know what may be the damage of tampons

  • The sanitary pad can be checked again and again but the tampon cannot be checked once after applying.
  • By using tampons, you are at risk of having toxic shock syndrome.
  • Chlorine, pesticide, and chemical are used to make Tampon. The use of tampons can be dangerous in many cases.
  • Due to chlorine in tampons, its use poses a risk of uterine cancer and breast cancer.
  • Using Tampon can also cause vaginal itching and burning. So if your inner skin is more sensitive then you should not use it.
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