How Many Days Does It Take To Reveal Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy Symptoms


The question for most pregnant women is when will they start feeling the symptoms of pregnancy? And how many days after pregnancy is it diagnosed? This interval varies for women with different anatomy. Every woman’s body is different. In such a situation, there is no definite time to show signs of pregnancy. You can see signs of pregnancy one day after conception or even after 1-2 months. During pregnancy, when the egg is fertilized by the male’s sperm, the body begins to produce a hormone (hCG hormone) called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. So, below let’s know how many days does it takes to reveal pregnancy symptoms.

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How Many Days Does It Take To Reveal Pregnancy Symptoms?

It starts forming 10-15 days after conceiving. During the eleventh week of conception, the production of this hCG hormone stops and from then on, pregnancy symptoms start appearing in women.

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What Are The Pregnancy Symptoms:

According to the body and health of every woman, signs of pregnancy are seen. Many times, many women consider other health problems as signs of pregnancy. Some specific symptoms are seen in women after pregnancy. These include missed periods, headaches, morning sickness, acidity, acid reflux and feeling tired.

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What To Do If You See Pregnancy Symptoms:

Symptoms of pregnancy start appearing one to three months after conception. But if these symptoms do not show up even after three months, it can be a problem.

  • In such a situation, contact the doctor immediately.
  • Mood swings also occur after conception. You do not like your favorite things in this. You might feel like eating things like sweet, junk food.
  • This is all due to hormonal changes occurring in your body.
  • In such a situation, you can consult a female member of your household who has previously gone through these experiences. You do not need to panic at all.
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