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How To Do A Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste At Home?

If the periods suddenly stop and you are not ready to become a mother, it is natural to feel restless, but sometimes you feel this happiness and jump. To know about pregnancy, you must...
sex tips to get pregnant

Effective Sex Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

There is no doubt that sex is a fun thing, but not having the right information about sex can cause problems for you. How can I get pregnant despite sex? How often is it...
pregnancy test

What Is The Right Time To Do Pregnancy Test?

Image The result of the pregnancy test is more accurate when done at the right time. Sometimes the result of pregnancy tests can also come wrong if it is done at the wrong time...
tips to get pregnant

Best Tips For Getting Pregnant Faster

Image Do you want to get pregnant early, but don’t know what to do to get pregnant? So do the planning of the baby through these steps to get pregnant early and get the...
Pre-marital Health Checkup 3

Important Pre-marital Health Checkup Test

Are you going to tie knots after few days? Last-minute shopping must be in progress. Many preparations are going on between two families like stopping, photographer, make-up artist, event manager, etc. But the most...

Foreplay Tips For New Couple By Kamasutra

Image These couples are more excited and concerned about sex. But for those new couples, it is necessary to know about Kamasutra foreplay tips so that they can enjoy sex completely. Kamasutra foreplay tips...
Avoid prenancy

Ways To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy For Couples

Image Nowadays almost everyone does not want a child for two to three years of marriage. If you too have just got married and you don’t want to become a mother yet then this...
Sex In Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Have Sex In Pregnancy?

Sex should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy because the fetus is at its peak during this period. During this time, there is a risk of miscarriage due to any type...