15 Winter Foods For Immunity Boosting

It is very important to know what to eat in winter to strengthen your immune system in cold weather. Winter Foods For Immunity.

The changing season brings with it many types of diseases like cold, cold, cough and fever, etc. To avoid all this, it is very important to know what to eat in cold weather.

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Why Winter Foods For Immunity Is Important?

Wearing only warm clothes during winter can not prevent cold. The internal heat of the body is necessary to avoid the cold, which we get from eating healthy food, not from a sweater, shawl, or jacket. So, see below which are those Winter Foods For Immunity?

Winter Foods For Immunity:

Whatever you eat during winter, has a direct effect on your body. The right diet plan in this season strengthens your immune system. Blood circulation problem, cold phlegm problem, and constipation problem, etc. get rid of. Let us know in detail what to eat in winter.

1. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Honey:

You should consume honey in winter food i.e. winter food. It is loaded with many types of nutrients that give energy to your body. Honey is naturally heated. Consuming it regularly brings warmth to the body and reduces cold.

For this reason, it is not advisable to eat honey in summer. It keeps you away from cold, cold, and flu. So in the morning in the morning, drink a glass of warm water and add one spoon of honey to it.

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2. Desi Ghee Or Clarified Butter For Winter Immunity:

Pure desi ghee is full of many types of nutrients that are very essential for our body. Eating ghee in the cold greatly benefits your health.

Although many people feel that ghee increases obesity, it is also true that it is very good for warming the body during cold days.

You can consume 15 grams of ghee every day in any form. Whether it can be applied on bread or in vegetables. Apart from giving warmth to the body, it also prevents the skin from becoming dry in winter.

3. Jaggery For Winter Immunity:

To keep the body warm during winter, you should consume jaggery, it is beneficial for you.

You must have noticed that the demand for jaggery increases in winter. Not only this, jaggery benefits a lot in winter due to its many properties.

This not only keeps your digestive system healthy, but the weather protects you from colds and colds.

Due to having magnesium, potassium, and iron in it, it relieves the problem of phlegm besides migraine, asthma. If phlegm settles in winter, eat jaggery with ginger.

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4. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Oranges:

Orange is a sour fruit and is found in high amounts of vitamin C in most citrus fruits.

Oranges also have antioxidant properties that help the immune system. Orange can help you to avoid the problem of cold and cold.

5. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Ginger:

Ginger is not only used for enhancing the taste of tea but it is also beneficial for your health. Ginger has thermogenic property, which maintains warmth in the body during cold days.

Not only this, consuming it boosts your metabolism and also improves blood flow. Therefore, in winter, ginger tea should be prepared and drunk.

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6. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Egg:

The egg is delicious, and it is full of nutrients. The egg is a superfood and its demand is very high in winter. By eating this, the body gets energy throughout the day.

Being full of protein and vitamins, it also has more ability to maintain warmth in the body. So you must include eggs in breakfast.

7. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Garlic:

Consuming garlic in the cold season is very beneficial. Garlic has anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. It contains allicin and other sulfur compounds. Which makes garlic a more effective medicine.

The weakness of the immunity system is the main reason for cold and cold. Eat garlic to increase immunity.

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8. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Turmeric:

Turmeric contains a very good amount of antioxidants which help us in resolving many health problems. If you want to avoid cold during the winter months then you should use turmeric and milk.

Milk and turmeric are some of the most effective and useful home remedies for colds. You should take 1 glass of turmeric mixed with 1 teaspoon of turmeric before sleeping at night.

9. Almond For Winter Immunity:

Consuming nuts is beneficial in all seasons. To avoid troubles in cold weather, you should consume almonds. Almond contains protein, antioxidants, vitamin E, and other mineral elements.

Consuming almonds in winter keeps you away from many diseases. Eating it helps to relieve constipation problems in winter.

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10. Pomegranate For Winter Immunity:

Eating pomegranate is good for health in winter. Pomegranate keeps you healthy and strong during winter. It contains a sufficient amount of antioxidants like tannins, flavonoids.

They help relieve pain and stiffness during winter. Eating pomegranate in cold is very beneficial for arthritis patients.

11. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Carrots:

Carrots help keep your body warm during the winter season. Hence carrot pudding is made in every household during winter. It is a popular winter dessert in India.

Vitamin A, C, K, and fiber are found in sufficient quantities in carrots. Also, carrots have high amounts of beta carotene.

Vitamin A is very beneficial for boosting your immune power and for the eyes. The antioxidants found in it are also beneficial for the skin.

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12. Avocado For Winter Immunity:

Avocado can be enjoyed during winter. It contains a good amount of folic acid, potassium, and magnesium along with vitamins A, C, E.

It also contains monounsaturated fat, which helps to keep your heart healthy.

13. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Broccoli:

Eating broccoli vegetables during the winter season is beneficial. 

It contains many types of vitamins such as vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium, folate, and high amounts of antioxidants which help keep your body warm. Therefore, you should consume broccoli in cold weather.

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14. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Sweet Potato:

Eating Sweet Potato in the cold for breakfast or a mild appetite can be very beneficial. However, people should eat black salt or cinnamon powder by boiling sweet potato.

It can be consumed daily in winter. Many diseases that occur in the cold can be avoided.

15. Winter Foods For Immunity Is Spinach:

Spinach can be very beneficial if eaten in winter. Spinach soup should be drunk 2-3 times a week on cold days.

The antioxidants present in it may reduce the risk of diseases like vitamin C and beta carotene.

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