Foods To Eat To Be Safe From Corona Virus

Immunity boosting food

Immunity boosting food


Coronavirus has spread panic all over the world. India is also not untouched by this. Many people here have become infected with this virus. Health experts recommend that to avoid this deadly epidemic, one must take special care of their food and drink. In this article, we are going to tell you what to eat and what not to avoid Coronavirus.

Chinese scientists told that this virus quickly succumbs to weak immunity or elderly people. To avoid this, it is very important to include high antiviral food in your diet. These things will boost the immune system and protect you from viruses.

What To Eat To Be Safe From Corona Virus:

A strong immunity can protect you from any virus infection. Below you are told about the foods that can protect you from coronavirus infection by strengthening immunity.

Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Vitamin C


Vitamin C rich in anti-accident works to improve the immune system. For this, you should include things like amla, red or yellow capsicum, orange, guava, and papaya in your daily diet.

Eat Ginger:



Many anti-viral elements are found in ginger. So to avoid the coronavirus, include it in your food. Consuming it with fennel or honey will give better results. Consuming ginger 3-4 times a day will keep your immunity good.

Eat Basil:



Tulsi is very rich in elements that improve the immune system. Consuming one teaspoon of basil juice daily in the morning improves your immunity. Consuming it with 3-4 black peppercorns and one spoon of honey gives your body the power to fight diseases. To avoid coronavirus, eat small amounts of basil daily in what to eat.

Eat Garlic:



Many anti-viral elements are also found in garlic. Apart from soup or vegetables, you can also eat raw without it. Consuming garlic with a spoonful of honey boosts your immune system. To avoid the risk of coronavirus, eating a couple of garlic balls is beneficial.

Take Foods Rich In Vitamin D:

Vitamin D


Intake of vitamin D can strengthen your immunity, which will reduce the risk of coronavirus infection manifold. The main source of vitamin D is considered to be the sun. For vitamin D, you can include salmon fish and milk in your diet. Apart from this, you can also consume vitamin D through fortified foods (foods that contain vitamin D separately). However, much other research is still going on.

Consume Liquorice:



Disease resistance can also be strengthened by the consumption of Liquorice. Apart from this, the anti-viral properties present in Liquorice can also help protect you from other types of viral infections. Coronavirus infection is also similar to viral infection. Therefore, you can strengthen your immunity by taking Liquorice and avoid getting infected with the coronavirus.




You can also use cinnamon to strengthen the immune system to avoid the coronavirus, as cinnamon has immunomodulatory properties. Apart from this, the anti-viral properties present in it can also help protect you from colds and colds. You should use it as a spice during cooking so that all the properties present in it are easily reached in your body through eating.




Be sure to include mushrooms in your diet to avoid the coronavirus. According to experts, shitake mushrooms contain beta-glucan. It has antiviral and immune-enhancing properties. For this reason, your immunity will be boosted, as well as it will help you to avoid coronavirus and other infections.

Wash Hands Thoroughly Before And After Meals:

Wash Hands


Wash hands thoroughly before and after eating food. A person living with hygiene reduces the risk of suffering from this virus by up to 90 percent. It is necessary to wash hands thoroughly before and after eating food. Also, do not put your hands repeatedly in the face and avoid shaking hands with people.

What To Avoid To Be Safe From Corona Virus::

To avoid the risk of coronavirus, it is better to stay away from certain foods. Doctors say that eating raw things will not be good for health at this time.

Do Not Consume Raw Meat:



It is better to eat meat only after washing and boiling. No meat has yet been identified as the cause of the infection behind coronavirus infection. Even a report in this regard has been issued by the Government of India. However, when consuming meats, keep in mind that it should be accompanied by cleanliness.

Do Not Consume Raw Eggs:

Raw Eggs


Do not eat raw eggs in what not to eat to avoid coronavirus. Many gym goers, in particular, include raw eggs in the diet. Do not eat raw eggs to avoid the coronavirus.

Also do not eat raw green vegetables found in the market. Wash and boil the vegetables thoroughly, and then use them to eat.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcoholic Drinks


To avoid coronavirus, the doctor has also advised that you should avoid alcohol consumption. Actually, consumption of alcohol affects the body’s immunity. In such cases, do not consume alcohol to avoid infection.

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