Which Are The Best Foods For Period?




Periods in women are a cycle that occurs every month and its irregularity is a common problem. Sometimes, every woman has to face it. Sometimes women think that periods come before going to a wedding, a party or an important event. So she wants to know if a period comes from eating. In women, the problem of premature and late lying is often due to poor lifestyle, weight loss or increase or unbalanced eating. Home remedies can be taken to help relieve the regular period and bring the period early. In this article you will know what foods to eat to have period. foods for period

Foods To Eat To Have Period: foods for period

If you also want that your periods come soon, you can adopt the home remedies given below.




For women and girls who want a period to come quickly, eating papaya for this can be beneficial. Doctors also recommend eating papaya to bring period, as papaya is effective in controlling the flow of menstruation. The carotene present in papaya causes the hormone to accelerate period by stimulating estrogen hormone. The nutrients present in it help in contracting the muscle fibers in the uterus. Eat papaya one to two weeks before the period date. But do not consume it during periods. This is one of the foods for period.




Women who are troubled by the problem of late periods can include good in their diet. Good is helpful in regularizing menstruation. This is because the properties contain various types of minerals, especially iron. Hence jaggery helps in bringing the period early. In this way, good as a diet is very effective for irregular periods. This is one of the foods for period.

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Turmeric is considered one of the best medicinal herbs. It helps in bringing period and balancing hormones. The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties found in turmeric relieve menstrual pain. For this, take one fourth turmeric with milk, honey or jaggery. Drink it daily for several weeks, until your periods become regular. This is one of the foods for period.

Ginger Tea:

Ginger Tea


Ginger tea can be used as an early home remedy for periods. Ginger tea has a slightly warmer effect which acts to increase the flow of menstruation. Apart from this, you take a lump of ginger and boil it by putting it in about 1 glass of water. Add a little sugar to this water and let it boil for some time. You drink this mixture about 3 times a day after meals. This causes periods quickly. This is one of the foods for period.

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Carom Seeds:

Carom Seeds


Carom Seeds plays a very important role in bringing the period early. Carom Seeds reduces the amount of estrogen that causes periods. Apart from this, if a woman has more pain during menstruation, then grind 4 teaspoons of raw celery and 2 teaspoons of rock salt, mix and take half a teaspoon three times daily during menstrual days. This causes the period to come quickly and the pain also reduces. This is one of the foods for period.




Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which can help in the flow of blood and the formation of red and white blood cells. Pineapple is a very good home remedy to bring in early periods. It has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, which also help to reduce menstrual irregularity and cramps. For this, eat one cup of pineapple every day. From next time your period will be regular. This is one of the foods for period.

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Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Vitamin C Rich Foods


In the body of women, vitamin C increases the hormone estrogen. Estrogen hormone is helpful in regularizing the menstrual cycle. Along with this, vitamin-C also reduces progesterone levels. The intake of vitamin-C strengthens the inner lining of the uterus, which causes the period to start coming on time. This is one of the foods for period.




Cinnamon not only enhances the taste of food, but also plays an important role in bringing your menstruation early. It produces heat within your body. Take a glass of warm milk to use it. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it and drink it. This home remedy is also effective to relieve menstrual cramps. This is one of the foods for period.

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Coconut Water:

Coconut Water


Coconut water is a delicious, nutritious and natural drink that is very good for you. It contains many important nutrients including minerals. Drinking coconut water on an empty stomach increases the chances of early periods in women. Along with this, drinking coconut water during pregnancy helps in relieving morning sickness, constipation and acidity. This is one of the foods for period.

Fennel Seeds:

Fennel Seeds


In fennel seeds, emmenagogue is a compound, which is very beneficial in bringing menstrual period early. The antispasmodic properties present in fennel seeds along with regularizing the menstrual period also provide relief from cramps. For this, you can drink fennel tea. If desired, soak two spoons of fennel seeds in a glass of water. Sieve it in the morning and drink fennel water. This results in early menstruation for women. This is one of the foods for period.

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