6 Sex Disease Of Men You Should Aware Of

Sex Disease Of Men

Sex Disease Of Men

Sex disease of men not only gives physical discomfort to men but also reduces their confidence. About 1 in 10 men experience sexual diseases.  Not being able to perform in sex is a matter of concern for any man. Sexual problems of men can occur at any age of life. Most sexual diseases can be treated. Here I am giving some sex disease of men and easy home remedies to cure.

Sex Disease Of Men:

According to a survey, 48 percent of men suffer from unhealthy eating habits, such as unhealthy eating, minimal exercise, and bad sleep habits, as well as enjoyment in activities such as smoking, which are the main reasons for Sex disease of men. So, see below some sex disease of men.

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1. Impotence: Sex disease of men

Sex disease of men

If the idea of ​​sex comes into the mind of a man, then there is excitement in his penis and even by touch, the man gets excited about sex. In such a situation, the flow of blood in the penis along with the body also gets speeded up, but it is also necessary to have the appropriate hormones for stimulation. When this is not possible, then that condition is called impotence. However, in most cases, people fall prey to the fact that they have symptoms of impotence.

Symptoms Of Impotence: Sex disease of men

  • Men who are unable to perform sexual activity properly during sexual intercourse or are discharged too soon, then they are deficient. It is also a symptom of impotence.
  • If there is impotence, the stiffness in the penis of the man either does not come, then he becomes very fast. A sudden decrease in penis stiffness during sexual intercourse.
  • Actually, impotence is directly related to the senses. Some people are hesitant or lack awareness, they are unable to get the correct information about it.

Home Remedies For Impotence:

  • Prepare 15 grams of basil seeds and 30 grams of white muesli powder. Then mix 60 grams of sugar candy and fill it in a bottle. Take 3 to 5 grams of this powder with milk in the morning and evening.
  • 10 to 20 milliliters White onion juice, 5-10 grams of honey, and 1-3 ml. Take ginger juice and 1 to 2 grams of ghee and mix it all together and take 21 days to get rid of impotence.
  • Grind 200 grams of garlic, mix 600 grams of honey in it, fill it in a clean bottle, close the lid and keep it in the sack of wheat. Take it out after 31 days. Impotency is cured by taking 10 grams of it for 40 days.
  • Grind 15 leaves of the vine, 2 almond kernels, and 150 grams of sugar, add water to it, and cook on low flame. Take it off after remaining a quarter and consume it when it cools down.

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2. Premature Ejaculation:

Sex disease of men

Premature ejaculation of the man against his will is called premature ejaculation. The worst case of early collapse is that ejaculation occurs as soon as the sexual intercourse begins or before it occurs.

Symptoms Of Impotence:

  • The basic symptom of premature ejaculation after admission is the inability to ejaculate or delay ejaculation. The problem can also occur during sexual activity and masturbation.

Home Remedies Of Premature Ejaculation:

  • To overcome this problem, green leaves can prove to be the best. Grind green onion seeds and mix in water and after that drink this mixture in the morning, day, and the night before meals. You have to repeat this process for a month.
  • When you go to sleep at night, before that drink 10 grams of okra mixed with lukewarm milk. Do this continuously for one month.
  • Take 5 grams ashwagandha powder and mix an equal quantity of sugar candy in it and consume it with lukewarm milk once in the morning and once in the evening and keep doing this for 3 months continuously.
  • Consuming 2 grams of cinnamon powder with milk in the morning and evening increases the semen and ends premature ejaculation.
  • Cardamom, mace, almonds, cow butter, and sugar all mixed together in equal quantity, eating every morning in morning reinforces the semen and eliminates complaints of premature ejaculation.

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3. Watery Semen:

Many men are suffering from Watery Semen. This Sex disease of men is caused by excessive erotic thoughts, pornography, watching pornographic films, etc. After such activities, the person feels more sensual and adopts unnatural sex, etc. to fulfill his desires. Due to unnatural sex, he has to face many problems, one of which is mental weakness. In this, the person’s semen becomes thin, due to which he ejaculates quickly during sexual intercourse. Problems like salivation of semen with urination, incomplete ejaculation in the penis, semen fall from the penis before ejaculation, etc. are called Watery Semen.

Symptoms Of Watery Semen: Sex disease of men

  • Physical weakness occurs in men due to Watery Semen.
  • Due to Watery Semen, there can be various diseases in the body of men.
  • Laziness also occurs in men due to Watery Semen.
  • When the semen is watery, men’s parts start to shake.
  • Men feel tired in their bodies due to Watery Semen.
  • Due to the Watery Semen, the mind of the man does not appear in any work.
  • Due to the Watery Semen, the penis is weakened.
  • Watery Semen encourages other diseases in the male like- stomach diseases, cough, and breathing-related diseases are also disturbed.

Home Remedies Of Watery Semen:

  • Roast 2-3 dates in ghee and eat it regularly. Drink boiled milk after adding cardamom, sugar, and crunch on top. This makes the Semen Thick.
  • Mixing cardamom and mace powder, almond kernel, cow butter, and sugar together makes the metal strong and thickens semen 20 ml Taking juice of fresh gooseberry and honey mixed with it, strengthens the semen.

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4. Gonorrhea: Sex disease of men

Sex disease of men

Gonorrhea is an infectious Sex disease of men. It is caused by a bacterium named Neisseria gonorrhea which grows easily and rapidly in the hot and wet areas of the reproductive tract in women and men. Its bacteria also grow in the mouth, throat, eyes, and anus. Gonorrhea occurs in men and women who have sexual contact with a person suffering from this disease.

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea:

  • Frequent urination
  • Discharge or dripping of a pus-like substance from the penis
  • Reddening of the penis hole
  • Testicles swelling or pain
  • Sore throat

Home Remedies Of Gonorrhea:

  • Use apple vinegar while bathing. It eliminates bacterial infection from your body and protects you from gonorrhea.
  • Aloe Vera has a special thing known as Barbadensis Milla, which is quite beneficial in gonorrhea.
  • Apply tea tree oil on top of the affected area, which kills your body bacteria and protects from gonorrhea.

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5. Syphilis:

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a bacterium called Treponema pallidum. This can be easily treated, but most infected individuals do not know they have syphilis. If you do not get treatment for syphilis, then later on you may become blind, your mental balance may deteriorate or even death can occur. Therefore, be sure to treat syphilis.

Symptoms Of Syphilis: Sex disease of men

  • Small scratches, and lumps.
  • Rash covering the entire body
  • Muscle aches

Home Remedies Of Syphilis:

  • To treat Syphilis Boil neem leaves in and wash the wound.
  • Burn gooseberries and rub their ashes on the wound once a day. By doing this remedy continuously for 20-25 days, the Sex disease of men gets destroyed in the initial condition.
  • Wash syphilis wounds with a decoction of Triphala and add pure honey to the ashes of Triphala and apply it to syphilis.

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6. Spermatorrhea: Sex disease of men

Sex disease of men

Spermatorrhea means involuntary ejaculation of semen, which usually occurs during sleep or other conditions such as urination or bowel movements. It is a men’s sexual problem, in which involuntary ejaculation occurs, usually without sexual excitement and sexual intercourse.

Many men have Spermatorrhea before or after urination and excessive force for defecation. This problem of Spermatorrhea causes men to have more sexual and erotic thoughts. Men can use home remedies to get diagnosed with Spermatorrhea problem.

Symptoms Of Spermatorrhea: Sex disease of men

  • The male’s memory power decreases when there is Spermatorrhea.
  • When there is metal secretion, impotence starts coming in the male gradually.
  • A man’s intelligence becomes weak when there is a Spermatorrhea.
  • Gradually, physical weakness also occurs in a man suffering from Spermatorrhea.
  • Due to Spermatorrhea, male negativity increases, and gradually their confidence starts to decrease.

Home Remedies Of Spermatorrhea:

  • Take 40 ml gram Amla juice and add honey to it. Now take this honey. By consuming honey, the problem of male metal weakness is overcome.
  • Taking cardamom and baked asafoetida with 3 grams of ratty powder with ghee and milk, is beneficial.
  • Make a paste of 50 grams of cardamom, 10 grams of sugar candy, and 15 basil leaves and consume it regularly.
  • Dry the basil root and make the powder. Eat one gram powder and one gram powder of Ashwagandha and drink cow’s milk from above.

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So, these are the sex disease of men. If you are facing these problem you should consult a doctor. The home remedies that are given here can give you relive from these disease but if you are facing this problems severely make sure you visit a doctor as soon as possible. Do not feel shy or get uncomfortable as it can be fatal or very very harmful to you. Also maintain a good hygiene to prevent these disease.

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