Some Harmful Effects Of Masturbation For Men


effects of masturbation


Masturbation is a major addiction to youth. Which is the fastest growing among today’s teenagers and youth. This addiction was also in olden times and due to lack of right information related to the harm of masturbation, it is increasing even today. Today many youths are wasting their lives due to masturbation addiction. I am telling you about the effects of masturbation here that people suffer due to masturbation.

But before that, you need to know that masturbation is not harmful in any way. Although some people believe masturbation to be wrong. In addition, some people also believe that masturbating too much for a long time can cause some problems.  effects of masturbation

Disadvantages Of Masturbation: effects of masturbation

Many rumors about masturbation are spread in our society. People are never able to get out of this addiction due to little knowledge about masturbation and not talking about it to any other person. I am telling you here the disadvantages of over masturbation for people who suffer from masturbation. effects of masturbation

Weakens Your Body: effects of masturbation

All the people in this world are working hard so that they can have a better life. May they be able to eat good food, be able to live a good life. But by masturbating more, you make your life worse rather than better. Masturbation can never make your health good.  effects of masturbation

It brings weakness in your body. You must have noticed that when you masturbate, again and again, the energy inside you decreases. You feel as if all the energy is gone and you start looking for something to eat to get it.

Understand this that if you want good health, then you will have to get rid of this masturbation addiction, or else a time will come when you will lose your good health due to this addiction and weakness will start coming in you. Due to which your health, as well as your relationship, will be damaged. effects of masturbation

Reduce Excitement: effects of masturbation

What can be more shameful for a man than not having excitement in his penis. It can make you mentally weak. Masturbation in large amounts often damages the tissue of the penis and due to this, these tissues start getting destroyed. Due to which the stimulation of the penis stops. Sometimes the stimulation of the penis stops forever.

Penetrating too many times in a day also affects the penis. According to one study, when this happens, the pressure on the penis muscles increases, making it difficult to stand.

If your excitement ends, your relaxed life can be ruined because if you are not able to satisfy your wife it will affect your relationship, which will end your relationship. So now you have to decide which path you have to choose.

Can Be Defamatory To Yourself: effects of masturbation

Whenever we masturbate, we start hating ourselves after masturbating. We feel disrespected towards ourselves. Which is the biggest loss from masturbation. We do any work so that we will be happy after doing that work.

After masturbating, vice versa, then what is the benefit of masturbating? If it does not give us happiness, then it is right to stay away from it. If we will be happy inside and have self-respect for us, then we can complete any problem or work very easily. The power inside us makes us strong. The person who has good respect, the stronger the person.

The one who has bad habits will be equally weak. So if you feel guilty by masturbating, then leave it. If you fall in your own eyes, you can never match your eyes with the whole world.

Swelling Of The Penis: effects of masturbation

There are many people who masturbate quickly. Due to which the liquid water released before their semen goes into the muscles of their penis. The result of this is that the person’s penis starts swollen and stays there until it is returned to the blood.

It becomes severe when repeated and the swelling of the penis does not go away easily. So do not masturbate in a hurry to stay away from it. If this is not done at all, no such problem will remain with you.

Crumple Penis Muscle: effects of masturbation

Many people hold their penis very firmly while masturbating and start pressing or turning it, they feel that doing so will not eject the semen. This is not the right thing to do. By doing this you may face a serious problem. Doing this can break the muscles of your penis, which is very delicate.

By doing this many times, Penis’s disease is also caused. The effect of this disease is that the person’s penis becomes crooked. Once this disease occurs, you can understand how many difficulties you may have to face.

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Can Cause Mental Stress: effects of masturbation

Believe it or not, over-masturbation creates tension in you. If you masturbate, again and again, you must have noticed that you will feel very bad after masturbating. Masturbation can give you a lot of mental stress. This is the tension in which you start blaming yourself. You think you’re bad.

If you are constantly under stress, you may be a victim of depression. Sometimes masturbation also causes nervousness. If your mind remains tense, you will not be able to do any work correctly. So if you want to stay away from stress, then stop masturbating more.

Formation Of Illegal Relations: effects of masturbation

Masturbation has a big role in the way sexual crimes are increasing in our society today. People who commit such crimes are addicted to masturbation and they start committing crimes when sexual desire increases. The person is always lost in sex fantasies while masturbating.

This increases a person’s desire for constant sex. To calm his sex appetite, he goes into illegal contacts. Knowing this, he inadvertently makes many mistakes that continue to haunt him throughout his life. Masturbation addiction can ruin your life.

Once you have committed a sexual offense, understand that your life was ruined. The easy way to avoid this is to remove the masturbation addiction from your life.

Decrease Sperm Count: effects of masturbation

Too much masturbation results in loss of sperm, there are millions of sperm in your semen that help you become a father. But for those who masturbate daily, their sperm count is greatly reduced. Its biggest disadvantage is that when a person gets married, sperm lacks in their semen to become a father.

If your sperm decreases then you will get under stress and this stress will spoil your health. So after your marriage, think for a good life from now and stay away from this addiction of masturbation.

Quarreling With Your Partner: effects of masturbation

After masturbating too much at an early age, its effect starts appearing after marriage. When such people have sexual intercourse, during that time their ejaculation starts happening very fast. As a result, his wife starts getting angry with him and the relationship deteriorates.

There are many people who have a quarrel with their partners. Because of which they turn to masturbation. They enjoy masturbation continuously by masturbating. Which is the beginning of their bad times. After marriage, focus only on your sweet couple live and not on masturbation.

Can Cause Digestive Problems: effects of masturbation

Our digestive system is very important for good health. The digestive system is the machine of our body that extracts the nutrients from food and gives it to our body. Due to which our body remains strong and healthy. If the digestive system deteriorates, then our health starts to weaken.

Masturbation affects our metabolism. Masturbation affects our digestive system. Due to which our digestive system performs its function at a very slow rate and the food is digested properly.

The first wet fluid to be released during masturbation is protein. Which are essential for cell structures. You should know how important protein is to our body. Its constant ejaculation makes you lean. So stay away from masturbation to maintain a good digestive system.

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