Effective Sex Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

sex tips to get pregnant

sex tips to get pregnant

There is no doubt that sex is a fun thing, but not having the right information about sex can cause problems for you. How can I get pregnant despite sex? How often is it right to have sex to get pregnant? How often do you have sex to become pregnant? How often should one have sex for conception? These are questions that almost every couple wants to know. So, here I am giving some sex tips to get pregnant.

Sex Tips To Get Pregnant:

If you are married and want an early child, then you should have sex twice a night. This may surprise you, but it is true. A new research has revealed that the sperm released during ejaculation for the second time in one night contains more protein and this increases the speed of sperm, which increases the chances of fertilization of the egg. That is, the chances of getting pregnant in such a situation increases. 

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Can Have Sex After Three Hours:

The research, published in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, also found that once after 180 minutes of sex, sperm regenerate and may increase the success rate of getting pregnant with IVF. For this study, the researchers tested 500 couples in the hospital. All these couples were preparing for IVF. The men were asked to give semen samples at different times after the first ejaculation. This is one of the sex tips to get pregnant.

Have Sex In Two Days Gap:

The fetus was then implanted into the woman, leading to the result that in any case the male partner had ejaculated a few hours after the first ejaculation and when it was implanted in the woman, the women were pregnant. Right now, couples planning a baby plan are advised to have sex once and then two days later. This is one of the sex tips to get pregnant.

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Have Sex During Ovulation Period:

Research has shown that for many years men have been advised to limit their sexual activity to increase the likelihood of pregnancy, but now there is a need to change the mindset. The data suggest that any couple whose semen parameters are normal should have sex more often during the ovulation period. This may help them to pregnant their wife. However, it has also been said that this study has been done on a small scale and further research may be needed to confirm the results. This is one of the sex tips to get pregnant.

Stop Using Contraception:

When you are trying to become pregnant, do not use contraception before one year of that. In fact, frequent use of contraception has a profound effect on the process of ovulation and does not lead to prolonged convulsions. Whenever you want to be a mother, first of all say no to contraception and love each other two to three times a week and have a relationship. This is one of the sex tips to get pregnant.

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Do Not Use Lubricants:

If you want to have a baby soon, do not use lubricants or lubricants when forming a relationship. These lubricants prevent sperm from entering the ovaries, thus eliminating the possibility of conceiving and conceiving. Sufficient fluid is formed in the body of women during bonding, which helps to carry sperm to the ovaries, and it also strengthens the possibility of conception. Therefore, it is good not to use lubricants for the couples. This is one of the sex tips to get pregnant.

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