How To Do A Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste At Home?

Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste

If the periods suddenly stop and you are not ready to become a mother, it is natural to feel restless, but sometimes you feel this happiness and jump. To know about pregnancy, you must first do a pregnancy test. There are many options available for a pregnancy test in the market, but today we are going to tell you about a very interesting method. Before the report comes, you can do a pregnancy test yourself with a toothpaste sitting at home. So, let’s know how to do a pregnancy test with toothpaste.

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What To Do For A Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste?

You must have heard about the pregnancy test for the first time. Many women use this trick just for their fun. These days the news of taking a pregnancy test with toothpaste is becoming quite viral on social media.

Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste

How To Do A Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste At Home?

  • For the pregnancy test, you should have a little toothpaste, that too white in color.
  • Take out the toothpaste in a bowl.
  • Now put some amount of your urine in this bowl.
  • Mix it well and wait for three to four minutes.
  • If you are pregnant, then the color of this toothpaste will be light blue and if it is not, there will be no change in its color.

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Can You Rely On Home Pregnancy Test?

You cannot rely much on this technique but it works like a pregnancy kit. A hormone called human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) is secreted only in pregnant women. Due to this hormone in pregnancy, the color of the toothpaste starts changing and if you are not pregnant then the color of the toothpaste does not change.

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What Experts Say About Home Pregnancy Test?

Due to the acid in the urine, it reacts with calcium carbonate and forms carbon dioxide. The more acid in the urine, the more visible the reaction will be. The UK’s Oxford Online Pharmacy says that there is no change in toothpaste color if you are not pregnant. Experts consider pregnancy kits more reliable than this toothpaste test because their results are 99 percent accurate. You must also consult a doctor to find out about the pregnancy. However, you can definitely try this toothpaste test.

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