20 Best Zinc Rich Foods To Boost Immunity

zinc rich foods

Zinc is one of the most essential nutrients for our body. Consuming zinc helps to increase your immunity power, so you should consume enough zinc rich foods. So, today I am going to tell you about some zinc rich foods.

Zinc helps to increase cell division, cell growth, wound healing, and immunity in our body. It is very important to strengthen your immune system to avoid coronavirus infection. Apart from this, zinc is also very important during pregnancy and childhood for the growth of the body.

According to some WHO figures, about one-third of the world’s population does not consume enough, which later causes a variety of physical problems. If you have a question, what to eat for zinc? So in today’s article, we will tell you about the foods in which zinc is found in plenty.

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zinc rich foods

How Much Zinc Do I Need?

It is recommended to consume 9.5 mg of zinc per day for men and 7 mg for women.

You may be able to get your daily dose of zinc from a zinc-rich diet. However, if your doctor recommends taking zinc supplements, make sure that you know the dosage and take care not to consume it in excess.

Excess intake of zinc can reduce the amount of copper absorbed by the body which can cause anemia or weak bones.

Do not consume more than 25 milligrams of zinc supplements a day, unless your doctor asks you to do so.

Consumption of zinc also has side effects including nausea, bad taste in the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

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Best Zinc Rich Foods:

Our body needs zinc every day, men need 11 mg zinc daily and women need 8 mg zinc. To reduce zinc deficiency in the body, you should take the following things.

1. Red Meat: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

If you like to eat non-vegetarian food then red meat is the best choice of zinc for you. Vitamin B12 is also found in good amounts in red meat along with zinc. Consumption of red meat reduces cholesterol and fat in your body, which can be beneficial for heart health.

2. Mushroom: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

Mushroom is also known as Superfood. There is a lot of mineral in it, in which zinc is also found in good quantity. In addition, mushrooms contain useful minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and all the useful proteins that help protect our body from heart disease and cancer.

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3. Melon Seeds:

zinc rich foods

Watermelon seed is the source of zinc, so after consuming watermelon, do not throw its seeds. Melon seeds are highly nutritious, containing zinc and other micronutrients. To meet zinc deficiency you can eat dried melon seeds as a snack. A handful of watermelon seeds contains 4 mg of zinc. These seeds increase immunity.

4. Flaxseed: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

These tiny little seeds of brown color are a storehouse of nutrition. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed, zinc is also found in plenty, particularly keeping the body healthy. Also, flax seeds contain calcium, iron, vitamin B, and vitamin E. These seeds are rich in anti-oxidants. Constipation is cured by taking these. Consumption of these seeds is particularly useful for asthma patients. These include anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

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5. Fish: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

Fish is also considered a good source of zinc, so eat fish twice a week regularly. Fish is a high protein and low fat diet. Apart from this, a good amount of oil (omega-3 fatty acids) or fats are present in it, which helps to overcome various problems related to the heart. Fish intake helps to increase your immunity.

6. Java Plum: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

By consuming Java Plum, you can also increase the amount of zinc. Java Plum also contains a significant amount of zinc. Java Plum, along with other nutrients in raspberries, is found in significant amounts of zinc. If you consume these fruits then you can get help in boosting the immune system.

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7. Kidney Beans: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

In addition to providing adequate amounts of zinc, kidney beans also reduce C-reactive protein concentrations, which causes inflammatory disorders. Kidney beans also controls blood sugar levels and helps in the treatment of diabetes.

8. Crab: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

Crab is a rich source of protein. It also contains a lot of vitamin B12 which helps in the growth of healthy blood cells. It also protects the body from heart disease.

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9. Pumpkin Seeds:

zinc rich foods

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc, so you must consume pumpkin seeds to meet the deficiency of zinc in your body. A handful of pumpkin seeds contain 2.2 mg of zinc and 8.5 mg of plant-based protein. Research suggests that eating a diet rich in pumpkin seeds can also prevent the risk of cancer.

10. Spinach:

zinc rich foods

Spinach contains antioxidants called alpha-lipoic acid that reduce glucose levels and inhibit oxidative stress, especially in patients with diabetes. It is also high in vitamin K which is good for bone health.

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11. Oyster:

zinc rich foods

Oyster is one of the foods that contain a lot of zinc. Yes, Oyster is a portion of very healthy food. Apart from zinc, vitamin B12, iron, copper, and selenium are also found in plenty. But due to the high cholesterol in the oyster, it should be eaten in a controlled amount. In addition, meat, beef shrimp, pork chop loin, and dark meat chicken are some of the best sources of zinc.

12. Egg: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

To increase immunity in your body and to meet zinc deficiency, you should eat eggs regularly. Along with zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, thymine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, and pantothenic acid are also found in egg yolk. All these nutrients are beneficial for our body in many ways.

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13. Oats: zinc rich foods

zinc rich foods

Oats are people’s favorite snack. This nutrient-rich food contains fiber, beta-gluten, vitamin B6, and folates. It regulates cholesterol levels and promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. Oats give you a sufficient amount of zinc. Let me tell you that half a bowl of oats contains 1.3 milligrams of zinc. This is one of the best zinc rich foods.

14. Cashew:

You can get plant-based zinc from cashew, which is one of the tastiest alternatives to zinc sources. Whether you can eat cashew raw or roasted, you will get about 1.5 mg of zinc. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, copper, folate, and healthy unsaturated fats. Eating cashew nuts reduces the risk of heart diseases and promotes healthy cholesterol.

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15. Peanuts:

To remove zinc deficiency in your body, you should consume peanuts. Peanuts also contain iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, folic acid, and fiber in addition to zinc. Peanut’s antioxidant properties control body fat and cholesterol. This is one of the best zinc rich foods.

16. Yogurt:

Yogurt is a very good food source as a source of zinc. Low-fat yogurt or yogurt provides good bacteria to keep our intestine healthy and provides sufficient zinc. A cup of yogurt or yogurt contains 1.5 milligrams of zinc. It is the best option for digestion and to increase your immunity. This is one of the best zinc rich foods.

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17. Zinc-rich Fruits And Vegetables:

If you want to remove zinc deficiency in your body, then take those fruits and vegetables in which zinc is found in a good amount. For this, you should eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, shitake mushrooms, beans, nuts, peas, peanuts, fruit vegetables. In fruits, you should eat a pomegranate, guava, avocado, kiwi and blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc. This is one of the best zinc rich foods.

18. Dark Chocolate:

We all like to eat chocolate, but do you know that it can overcome the lack of zinc in your body. Because dark chocolate is full of zinc. 100 grams of dark chocolate contains 3.3 mg of zinc. But dark chocolate is also rich in calories and sugar, so do not rely on dark chocolate alone to make up for the deficiency of gin. This is one of the best zinc rich foods.

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19. Garlic: zinc rich foods

Garlic has a high degree of medicinal properties. Garlic contains a good amount of different types of minerals and vitamins. It is found in a good amount of zinc, so you should eat a garlic clove every day. Talking about other minerals, garlic also contains a good amount of phosphorus, manganese, calcium, and iron. Garlic also has antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Which helps increase our immune power. This is one of the best zinc rich foods.

20. Chickpea:

Chickpea is commonly used to make Indian food. According to the USDA, white-colored beans provide a good amount of zinc (1.53 mg per 100 grams of zinc). You can also help boost the immune system by consuming Chickpea. This is one of the best zinc rich foods.

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Zinc is an essential nutrient for our good health, yet a large number of people worldwide suffer from zinc deficiency. Zinc strengthens our immune power. Lack of it in the corona period can put you in trouble. Zinc plays an important role in the activities of more than 300 enzymes in our body, including our immune system, cell division, cell growth, wound healing, proteins, and so on. Zinc is very important during pregnancy and childhood. Zinc is also very important for the growth of the body.

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