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How And When To Use Abortion Pill?

Image Medical abortion means women who wish to abort, eradicate unwanted pregnancy or not to have a child through a pill, through a miscarriage, the fetus is ejected from the uterus due to which...

vaginal discharge

What Is Your Vaginal Discharge Saying About Your Health?

Source There are many different types of vaginal discharge, white water ie white discharge. Leucorrhoea keeps the vagina clean in a natural way. It provides lubrication during sexual intercourse and also helps prevent sexual...

pregnancy test

What Is The Right Time To Do Pregnancy Test To Know Perfect Result?

Image The result of the pregnancy test is more accurate when done at the right time. Sometimes the result of pregnancy tests can also come wrong if it is done at the wrong time...

sex tips to get pregnant

Sex Tips To Get Pregnant

There is no doubt that sex is a fun thing, but not having the right information about sex can cause problems for you. How can I get pregnant despite sex? How often is it...

after sex

Essential Sexual Hygiene Tips For Women After Sex

Image It becomes important to take special care of the post-sex hygiene for women. Especially, women must do this work. According to studies, post-sex hygiene does not take care of the genitals after sex,...

Tips On How To Remove Pubic Hair Men

Although men always pay attention to the grooming of their head hair, they always ignore the hair of their private part. However, men do not clean their own private part, besides their careless attitude...

Ayurvedic Herbs For Sex Power

9 Ayurvedic Herbs For Sex Power

Finding the best Ayurvedic herbs for sex power is not easy, sometimes there are some sex problems that can be easily cured but they are not treated due to lack of knowledge. Ayurvedic herbs...


Foreplay Tips For New Couple By Kamasutra

Image These couples are more excited and concerned about sex. But for those new couples, it is necessary to know about Kamasutra foreplay tips so that they can enjoy sex completely. Kamasutra foreplay tips...

weight loss

Tips To Lose Weight For Women

Image Weight gain and obesity in women is a very serious problem today. Methods of weight loss are the most searched question on the Internet today. The problem of weight gain is seen more...

Smelly Penis

Causes Of Smelly Penis And Tips To Recover From It

Image Know why your penis is smelled and what harm it can cause? The smell coming from your penis can make your sex experience terrible. If you want to enjoy oral sex then you...