15 Top Oxygen Rich Foods To Increase Oxygen

Oxygen Rich Foods

Any organ of our body needs oxygen to function which we get from the blood. But when there is a lack of oxygen in our blood, it is harmful to our overall body health. You can also increase the oxygen level by consuming certain foods. So, here I am giving some oxygen rich foods.

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15 Top Oxygen Rich Foods:

Due to increasing pollution, we are not getting pure oxygen due to which the oxygen level in our body decreases. The risk of coronavirus infection is also high for those who lack oxygen in their blood. Apart from this, lack of oxygen also weakens your body’s immunity power, due to which the chances of many types of diseases are also high.

To stay healthy, you should take those things that help in meeting the lack of oxygen. If you want to know what to eat to increase the oxygen level, then here is the information about oxygen-rich foods. To increase the oxygen level of the body, you should eat the following things.

 1. Holy Basil: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen Rich Foods

If the decoction made from basil is consumed regularly, the effects of pollution can be reduced in the body. For this, boil 10 basil leaves, a little ginger, jaggery, and two black pepper with a glass of water. When this water remains one-fourth, filter it and drink it. This will increase your oxygen level.

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2. Capsicum: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen Rich Foods

Its pH value is 8.5. Capsicum rich in vitamin A helps us in fighting diseases and stress-causing free radicals. Not only this, it is very good for the endocrine system because of its antibacterial properties.

The oxygen-rich foods mentioned here should form part of your diet. These will help increase the oxygen level in your blood.

3. Apricot: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen Rich Foods

Apricot is rich in fiber, which has a pH value of 8. The good thing is that it is easy to digest. There are many enzymes in them, due to which hormonal balance is maintained in the body. If you want to increase the level of oxygen in the blood, surely the consumption of apricots will prove to be beneficial for you.

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4. Mango And Papaya:

Oxygen Rich Foods

The food items in this group have a pH value of 8.5. Both these fruits have proved to be effective in cleaning the kidneys. Papaya cleans the colon and controls bowel movements. Especially when eaten raw, it works to destroy harmful substances from the intestines.

5. Watermelon: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen Rich Foods

Watermelon is usually eaten by all, but most people do not know that eating it helps to complete the lack of oxygen in the blood. This fruit is the highest alkaline with a pH value of 9. It works as a mild diuretic due to the existing fiber and water in it.

Not only this, but it is also an excellent source of lycopene, beta carotene, and vitamin C. Every person should consume it to cleanse the colon.

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6. Carrot: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen Rich Foods

Carrots are one of the best diets for health. It contains vitamin A, C, potassium, iron, and many minerals and vitamins. To overcome the lack of oxygen, you should consume carrots. Carrots can be consumed as a salad or as a vegetable.

7. Iron-rich Foods:

Oxygen Rich Foods

Your diet can affect your oxygen levels. Certain foods can help improve oxygen levels in your blood naturally. Eat iron-rich foods such as meats, poultry, fish, legumes, and green leafy vegetables. Because they can improve iron deficiency in the body, which in turn improves blood oxygen levels.

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8. Cucumber: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen Rich Foods

Cucumbers have high nutrient content as well as antioxidants in them, which help protect you from many diseases. Cucumber has high water content and soluble fiber. Therefore, oxygen can be increased in the body by consuming it.

9. Kiwi: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen Rich Foods

Kiwis are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, and potassium. Kiwi fruit is also known to have a lot of antioxidants. Oxygen levels can also be increased by consuming them. It helps to overcome anemia.

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10. Sweet Potatoes:

Oxygen Rich Foods

Eating sweet potatoes gives you vitamin B complex, iron, vitamin C, and phosphorus. Due to which the power to fight against diseases increases in you. If you consume it in the right amount then the lack of oxygen in your body goes away.

11. Sprouted Grains:

Oxygen Rich Foods

Sprouts are more nutritious than normal or raw cereals. By eating sprouts, you can strengthen the immune system. Apart from this, you can also take gram, pulses, and moong, etc. to overcome the lack of oxygen.

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12. Garlic: oxygen rich foods

Garlic is rich in medicinal properties, which enhances the taste of vegetables, but it is also very beneficial for health. Alkaline is found in a good amount of garlic, so the lack of oxygen in the blood can be overcome by taking it.

13. Lemon: oxygen rich foods

Lemon is full of vitamin C and vitamin C is very essential for our body. It helps to increase immunity power due to which our body can avoid many diseases. Lemon is also very effective in increasing oxygen levels.

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14. Yogurt: oxygen rich foods

Oxygen levels in the body can also be increased by consuming Yogurt. Yogurt is rich in nutrients as it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Being full of fiber and calcium properties prevents a lack of oxygen in the body. You should consume yogurt regularly.

15. Banana: oxygen rich foods

Lack of oxygen can be overcome by consuming bananas. Banana contains alkaline which is alkaline water, which is found in plenty which helps in increasing the level of oxygen in the body. Apart from this, bananas contain a good amount of fiber and iron, due to which banana helps fight anemia.

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To maintain oxygen level in the body, we should also pay special attention to our food. Here I have given such foods, which can be maintained in oxygen level by including them in your food. These foods are very helpful in maintaining the oxygen level of our body.

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