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Getting angry is a natural process for a human being. No matter how simple a person is, he definitely gets angry sometimes. Anger is a type of acid that we store inside our body and then release it on others. When someone gets very angry, that person forgets good and bad. Due to this, they say anything to anyone in anger and then he regrets it. If you are also troubled by your angry nature and want to know ways to reduce anger, then in today’s article we will tell you ways to reduce anger and control anger.

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Reason Why We Get Angry:

Generally, there are many reasons why people get angry and they get angry without any reason. Along with mental and physical problems, environmental factors are also responsible for these reasons. Let us know the reasons for getting angry.

If the level of serotonin in the neurotransmitter, an important part of a person’s brain, is low then it affects the mental health of the person due to which his sleeping and eating habits get affected and he becomes very angry.

Due to increase in the level of a hormone called cortisol, a person becomes more irritable due to which he gets more angry with other people.
When the level of testosterone in men’s bodies decreases, they become more irritable and the possibility of mood swings increases.

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Tips To Reduce Anger:

When people are worried about their future and are not getting the job of their choice or are not able to do better in their job, then this also causes irritability in them due to which they start getting angry at others. If you also want to control your anger, then you can easily reduce anger by following the measures given below.

Count 1 to 10:

To reduce anger, count from 1 to 10. This is an old method that helps calm your anger. If you are feeling very angry, count to 100. In the time it takes you to count, your heart rate will slow down and your anger will subside.

Take Deep Breaths:

Taking long and deep breaths can help reduce your anger. When you breathe shallowly and are angry, it increases the heart rate. Deep breathing reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Excessive anger automatically takes a long breath through the nose and exhales through the mouth.


Exercise can help calm your nerves and reduce anger. To reduce anger, go for walking. Go for a ride on your bike or hit golf balls. Any work that gets your organs pumping is good for your mind and body, reducing anger.

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Relax Your Muscles:

To reduce your anger, it is very important to relax your muscles. Progressive muscle increases your tension. To relax your muscles, sit in a quiet place and keep yourself in a comfortable position.

Repeat Words:

Repeating words can be beneficial in controlling your anger. For this, you find a word or phrase that helps you calm down and refocus. When you are upset, repeat that word again and again. Such as “Relax”, “Take it easy” and “You’ll be OK” etc. are all good examples.

Use Stress Ball:

Stress balls can help reduce your anger. Puts pressure on the muscles with a stress ball, which releases endorphin hormones. Endorphin hormone is a chemical substance that helps relieve stress.


Meditation is a good way to calm the mind and body. You can do this whenever you feel very angry. For this, you sit in a quiet room and close your eyes. Practice visualizing an imaginary scene. What color is the water? How high are the mountains? What sounds do chirping birds make? This exercise can help you in reducing anger.

Listen Music:

Favorite music helps calm your anger. To calm down anger, listen to light and calm music by wearing headphones in your ears. When you feel angry, close your eyes and concentrate on music. This will reduce anger by calming your mind.

Stop Talking:

When you get angry, you forget right and wrong. You can say anything to anyone in anger, so stay calm during anger and do not talk to anyone. Just as you don’t talk to anyone when you get angry in childhood, in the same way, you should stop talking to overcome anger.

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Laughter is the exact opposite of anger. It is not easy to laugh at yourself when you are angry, but still try to laugh. You can watch funny videos online to laugh angrily. This will help in improving your mood. Laughing can help remove anger from your mind and balance your mind so you can think positively.

Talk To Your Friend:

Don’t think about the events that made you angry. Talk to your friend to forget your anger. Talking to a friend will help you reduce anger.

Go To Other Place:

If you are feeling very angry then move away from a place where you cannot get angry. Changing place calms the mind. Try to go to an open place or a place where you are alone. Alone in the garden or on the terrace, take a deep breath of fresh air and calm down your anger.


Forgiving the person who made you angry is a powerful remedy. It often happens that someone we love hurts us and we get angry. If you forgive the person you are angry with then you can live in a good relationship with that person.

Sleep Well:

Getting a good night’s sleep is a good way to reduce anger. According to a study conducted on heart patients, people get angry if they do not get enough sleep. Because of this, it is safe to say that people are unable to control their anger due to insufficient sleep.

Engage Yourself in Some Work:

To free yourself from excessive anger, keep yourself busy with some work. Due to this, your mind automatically starts getting busy with other work. Due to this, small things happening around you do not affect you. In such a situation, by keeping yourself engaged, you remain free from many worries.

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So, these are some tips to reduce and control your anger. If you get super angry do these tricks to control your anger.

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