14 Most Arousing Sex Points Of Women

Women take longer to prepare for sex than men. Apart from this, preparing them for this sex is also no less than a challenge for men. So if you change the ways of sex a little, then you will be able to enjoy sex more. So today we are going to tell you about the sex points of women, by which women will get excited on touching. And you and your partner will be able to enjoy double the sex.

Sex Points Of Women:

To stimulate women during sex, most men focus on one or two of their body parts, while women have many parts in their body where touching arouses their libido. What are those secret body parts? You cannot enjoy sex life to the fullest without provoking the partner.

To arouse female partners, it is necessary to manipulate the sensitive parts of their beautiful bodies, but most of the men resort to breast only to excite women. They think that just by tampering with it, sexual arousal in women increases, but it is not so.

From the head to the feet, there are many such sensitive organs in the body of women, which touching them awakens their sexuality. If you also want to fully enjoy sex with your partner, then know the sex points of women below.

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1. Lips: sex points of women

Kissing is an important part of sex. By kissing, women can be aroused quickly towards sex. By kissing, the woman is ready to dedicate herself easily. It is also considered the best way to play four.

2. Ear:

Do you know that ears are also the major sex points of women. They stimulate both physically and mentally. So if you want to feel the charanmand of Kama Kriya, then kiss on the lower part or back of your partner’s ear. Apart from this, through sexy things, the partner can be mentally instigated for sex.

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3. Back: sex points of women

We are talking about the middle part of the lower back, this area is very sensitive. Kissing here not only stimulates women, but also reduces their stress. If you also want to enjoy sex fully, then rub it vigorously by putting face on the partner’s back and then see how she is desperate to come in your arms.

4. Arm:

There are many pressure points in the palms too, so pressing it increases the pleasure. The most sensitive part of our body is the tongue and after that comes the number of fingertips, but due to lack of knowledge of this sexy part, most couples are deprived of the real pleasure of sex.

Do not make such a mistake and to make your love life exciting, hold your partner’s hand in your hands with love. This will not only increase excitement, but the partner will also realize the depth of your love.

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5. Back Of Neck:

A touch or kiss on the back of the neck by the partner makes women very excited and they get into the depths of sex. Actually, the back of the neck is very sensitive. If you too were unaware of this secret sexy part of your partner till now, then you should also target your partner’s neck and make your sex life enjoyable.

6. Lower Back:

Massage on the lower back of the woman increases excitement. You can do this as a foreplay. This is the perfect spot to excite your partner. In addition to increasing stimulation, massaging the lower back relaxes the pelvic muscles and makes sexual intercourse easier.

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7. Waist: sex points of women

You probably will not even know how sensitive this part of women’s body is. Massage or a little tickle on the partner’s beautiful slim waist with light hands is enough to make them aroused. Despite being so important, women do not pay special attention to this part of their body, because they feel that the partner will not pay attention to this part. So now you should explain to your partner the importance of this important part of his body.

8. Pelvis:

Loving on the pelvis is a good idea; For this, you have to go close to your woman’s vagina. During foreplay, playing with the pelvis and kissing and licking near the pelvis, the excitement reaches a climax, in which case the woman is excited and urges to make love. After this, you can make love on some other spot.

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9. Breast:

This part of women is the most sensitive. Women get excited by touching it. At the same time, men also get excited about touching the breasts. Women like to gently rub breasts more. 

10. Nipples: sex points of women

You will be surprised to know that the nipples of a woman’s boobs are the most arousing sex points of women. Nipples produce mixed feelings like excitement and pain in the body. For good foreplay, suck their nipples for a long time and keep kissing their breasts. Nipples are also one of the main sensitive parts of the body of women and they also attract a lot of men.

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11. Foot and Toe:

Legs are the most neglected part of our body, but there is a lot of nerve endings. You will be surprised to know that foot and thumb are also very aphrodisiac parts. Especially the soles and thumbs are more sensitive, so the action done here is very pleasing to some women and they instantly become sensual after receiving the loving touch of the partner.

12. Inner Thigh:

The inner part of the thighs is very sensitive. Hereby touching, caressing, or kissing with love, the excitement of women increases and they enjoy sex more. As the inner part of the knees, there are many nerve endings in the inner part of the thigh, which make it sensitive.

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13. Clitoris: sex points of women

The clitoris of the vagina is the most sensitive part of a women’s body. Its size is very small and it is like a point inside the vagina. Clitoris ends most of the nerves in the body of women. The presence of many nerves makes it a sex points of women, so it is counted in the sex points of women, so women are very sensitive to touching or sucking the clitoris. And realizes having sex. When you suck the clitoris, the female partner feels the best and excited. Clitoris are very sensitive in the body of women, which makes them crazy for sex just by touching them.

14. Belly Button: sex points of women

The upper part of the genitals is the belly and belly button, which in themselves are sufficiently sensitive. By kissing and kissing the belly and navel with fingers, women feel a lot of sensitivity and they also get excited.

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Bottom Lines:

In order to excite women, it is necessary to kiss or touch their sense organs. Women like men who keep touching their sex points of women for a long time. Love them well and do foreplay without being weary for long. Women love men who love every part of the body.

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