Important Pre-marital Health Checkup Test

Pre-marital Health Checkup 3

Pre-marital Health Checkup 3

Are you going to tie knots after few days? Last-minute shopping must be in progress. Many preparations are going on between two families like stopping, photographer, make-up artist, event manager, etc. But the most important thing that everyone forgets is the health check-up. So, here let’s know about pre-marital health checkups you should do.

Why Pre-marital Health Checkup Is Important?

Experts recommend that people should insist on a Pre-marital health checkup instead of a horoscope matching. The pre-marital health checkup helps couples take proper care of each other. Although every person should get a health checkup once a year, if you are going to get married, then you should get a checkup done six months in advance.

pre-marital health checkups

Pre-marital Health Check-ups:

You just not only need a happy marriage you also need to be healthy after marriage. So many people are getting some health check-ups before marriage. Even experts say so. The purpose is the same, after marriage so that the husband and wife and their future children can be healthy. And if there is a problem, they will be aware in advance. So, here I am telling you about some pre-marital checkups that you should have to do.

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Pre-marital Health Checkup

Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Test:

Before marriage, the bride and groom should also undergo a hemoglobin electrophoresis test. This test can detect common genetic disorders like thalassemia and sickle cell disease. Due to this disturbance, hemoglobin is not produced in the right amount in the body. A person suffering from this has to undergo a painful process like blood transfusion every month. And if both the bride and groom are affected by this test, then they should not marry among themselves.

Thalassemia Test:

The most important of the pre-marital checkups is the hemoglobin electrophoresis test. This test can be used to determine if you have thalassemia. It would be good if both of them could get this test done. If a husband or wife is a carrier of thalassemia, their child is also more likely to get thalassemia. But if someone is infected, the child is no longer likely to have that gene. 

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Infertility Test:

Due to the change in lifestyle, now both boys and girls suffer from various problems. Physical problems also come with boys having vision problems to spend time in front of laptops for a long time. That is how the sperm count decreases. This problem is much more in the case of girls. Because most girls suffer from PCOD. Also, take regular hormone medications. There are also many other problems. From where it is difficult to conceive a child. This is one of the pre-marital health checkups you should do.

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Blood Test:

Both the bride and groom need to have a full-body check-up. Diabetes, triglycerides, cholesterol, thyroid, etc. Then you can be aware of the food from the beginning. Also if the blood group of the two is the same but there is a problem in pregnancy. As a result, it is better for both of them to know this information in advance.

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Genetic Problems:

Many have a variety of genetic or hereditary diseases. And so if there is a possibility of a complex disease in the family history, get tested in advance. Especially heart problems. Many people are not aware of this issue from the beginning. In my mind, everyone thinks he is fit. But get rid of these and test first.

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STD Test:

Not everyone has to do this test. If you are married to a caregiver and after mixing with your partner, if you think he has a sexual problem, then this test must be done. In marriage, just as there is a need for peace of mind, there is also a need for physical happiness. Do not stress your life unnecessarily. These problems are not to be suppressed. Rather, it is possible to solve the problem by trying in advance.

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VDRL Test:

The bride and groom should also get the VDRL test done. This test can be found about sexual dysfunction. This disease is spread by having sex with the affected person. A child born to a woman affected by this disease can become a victim of syphilis from birth. This is one of the pre-marital health checkups you should do.

HIV Test:

The bride and groom must also get HIV test before marriage. One should not marry the person affected by this. The child of an HIV-infected mother can also be affected by this virus.

Pelvis Ultrasound Test:

The bride should have her pelvis ultrasound tested before marriage. Fibroids, endometriosis, and cervical polyps can be detected by this test. They cause problems during intercourse and pregnancy. This is one of the pre-marital health checkups you should do.

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Semen Analysis Test:

Before marriage, the groom should undergo a semen analysis. Chemical tests of semen and sperm are done by this test. The pH, fructose levels of the seminal fluid are detected by chemical analysis. This is one of the pre-marital health checkups you should do.

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Hepatitis B and C Test:

The bride and groom should get Hepatitis B and C tested before marriage. Even if the bride and groom are not infected with it, they can avoid it in the future by getting their vaccine. This is one of the pre-marital health checkups you should do.

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